5 Things I Need From You Before I Can Design Your WordPress Website

Jan 4, 2021Website Design

If you have ever wondered before hiring me or some other designer what you need to have, this is the article for you. I’ll give you twelve things today that you have to do before I can design your website.

1. What Is Your Brand Message and Why You’re In Business.
This is the central basis of all that determines who you are and what you are doing. Although everybody in industry is going to say this is clear, there are a lot of brands who don’t do this main job. Therefore, their potential consumers end up getting neglected. Whether you don’t have a brand or your brand needs to be refreshed, don’t worry! Alice Media offers a full branding service and combined branding and website packages at affordable prices.

2. Get Clear On Your Service and Process Delivery.
It guarantees that you grasp just how your organization makes money and how you carry your customer through your services or operation. The way consumers will order from you and what you do when they buy from you is something that can help the design process work very well by understanding what you give.

3. Decide what features you’d like to have on your website. 
This will make it easier for your designer to know exactly what you want. So she won’t be guessing your preferences or worse, create a system for you that you’ll end up hating at the end. Start surfing the web for systems that will fit your business and tell your designer by giving him/her that list.

4. Buy the domain and hosting for your site. 
Alice Media uses WordPress to create all websites and can easily transfer your hosting and domain too WordPress. If you do not have a domain or hosting, WordPress includes theses within their packages for free for the first year. If you already have a domain and hosting, you need to ensure you have the logins to those that can be shared with the designer.

5. Photographs and Logo Copies
If you have a collection of photographs off your business, services and products this enables the designer to create content quickly. But, if you don’t have photographs, or they are off poor quality the designer can arrange a photoshoot OR use Adobe Stock images at an extra charge. You will also need to provide a high-res copy off your logo, if you don’t have this then Alice Media can create you a logo or remaster and old logo at an extra charge. 

6. Find 3 websites within your industry that you like.
Now, don’t get hung up here in the pit of contrast.   Only check the internet and search for the concept and style that stands out to you. Don’t look at the words or colours of the videos. Only the site’s architecture and design. This will offer a look at how you want your theme and arrangement to be with your designer. It also does not mean that a website would end up being built to the same design as what you’ve seen. But it will give a clear glimpse off your taste.

7. Create a Pinterest board or simply email over some ideas.
Look for towns, quotations, colours, mood boards, photography, clothing, etc. Any look that stands out to you and reflects your kind of style and how you feel about your company. Dream of what you want your clients to experience as they arrive at your site?

How many pages is your site going to be?
For example the pages that will be connected in the main menu would be your main pages. And connections that will lead your customer through the shopping phase will be your subpages. This would give the designer the sense of how many pages to create for you, they would like.

9. Write copy for all your main pages. For example…

A. Home Page

B. Service Page

C. About Me Page

10. Nothing is more trustworthy than Testimonials
If you have worked for consumers in the past, make sure that your testimonial has been saved. The further feedback that you get, the better. If you’re just starting out, so don’t think about just starting to work with strangers, even if you have some social evidence that falls your way for free.

11. Get your legal documents updated.
On rocketlawyer.com, you can find free legal papers if you don’t have a lawyer at your side. Be sure that you have a policy on returns, privacy policy, and terms of service. If you’d like Alice Media too sort this for you, it can be added too the package / service you decided on.

12. Write your first 3 Blogs.
Blogs are fantastic for SEO, therefore it is something that I will always add too your website. I will usually give you 3 blogs  to get you started and help you rank in Google, however it’s a good idea to start gathering some blog content for yourself.

Let’s do this! 




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