How to hire the right freelance web designer for your business.

Jan 2, 2021Website Design, WordPress

Your business website is your modern day shop window. It combines various aspects of your branding and shows customers that you exist. For all the right reason, a beautiful designed responsive website ensures your company gets found by search engines and in return this will dramatically boost your return on investment. A website that is poorly designed with little comprehensive SEO has the opposite effect. Given this, it is so important to choose the right freelance designer in Cornwall and well beyond. 

So you’ve decided that your business needs an online presence, great! But when searching for the right freelance web designer in Cornwall, where do you start? First, realizing that it is not just about money is crucial. Choosing the cheapest quote can possibly be appealing, but doing this is not going to give you the consistency and scope of services you desire. It is also important to be conscious that choosing the most expensive quote would not necessarily mean that you either get the best Cornwall-based website or graphic design service. It’s also helpful to look at the services you get for the price you’re quoted and to make sure the freelancer will meet their obligations.

Begin by understanding specifically what you’re looking for. What kind of website would you like? Are you looking for a custom website or one to start easily based on basic templates? Do you want to direct traffic to your goods or services on your website or are you offering data and advice? Do you need the capabilities of the shopping cart and protected payment options built into the site? Approaching a freelancer who already knows what you want lets them develop a clearer sense of whether, within their current workload, timeline and skills set, if they can meet your aspirations and requirements. 

When you have a small list of freelance web designers who can satisfy your aspirations, you need to guarantee that those commitments can be met by any freelance website designer that you may be taking into consideration. By reviewing the work they have completed for past clients and checking out their client reviews.  Seek information about the design criteria they were presented with for the campaign and why they choose the website design approach that they decided to take.

Your website is an evolving piece of marketing, a stagnant website acts negatively on search engines and doesn’t keep your customers engaged. Once you have the design you love, the copywriting in that design will need two updating and tweaking to satisfy search engines and more importantly keep customers coming back for more.

When hiring a freelance website designer, you should consider if the development off the website content is something you want to take care off yourself, or whether you would like a freelancer to update the website for you on an ongoing bases. 

Theses are some simply questions you need to find the answers too when seeking for the right freelance web designer in Cornwall and beyond. Once you’ve established those answers, you can start to determine whether the price that you are quoted reflect fair value for money.


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