Monthly retained full-service marketing 

Outsourced Marketing In Hayle, Cornwall

Marketing Made Easy! Efficient and flexible freelance marketing services that won’t take up your time or blow your budget.


Monthly retained marketing services


Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level but aren’t quite sure how?

Get all the benefits of working with a marketing agency in Cornwall for a fraction of the price, and enjoy a more personalised experience. When you choose Alice Media, you will work directly with Alice, a highly experienced marketing specialist who provides full-service marketing at an affordable price.

By gaining a complete understanding of your business and core objectives, Alice design’s and delivers a calendar of marketing activity within your budget that will have the maximum impact for minimum time investment.

Whether you need to boost your existing marketing resources with specialist skills, have a specific marketing project you want to deliver or are looking for a comprehensive outsourced marketing partner, we provide all the expertise you need with none of the overheads or obligations that come with working with a full-service agency.


why should small businesses outsource their marketing needs to alice?

Our clients frequently request that we “remove the stress of marketing off their plate.” That is exactly what we do! With Alice as your outsourced marketing solution in Cornwall, you will be able to:

  • Save Time: Outsourcing your marketing frees up time for your internal teal, so they can get on with the things they’re best at.
  • Save money – Alice is a dedicated and experienced marketer at your disposal, without the associated costs of hiring full-time staff.
  • Gain unlimited access to your own bespoke marketing expert: PR, Web Design & Development, Graphic Design and much more
  • Gain a fresh perspective.
  • Benefit from the latest technology and industry insights.
  • Guarantee a return on investment.

Pick up the phone today and talk to Alice. Alternatively, book a free face to face consultation with no obligation. 


Qualified marketing expertise in cornwall


As your dedicated outsourced marketing freelancer in Hayle, Cornwall. You can be assured that we have all the credentials to take your business from ‘meh’ to ‘marvellous’ 

Alice is a highly experienced and qualified Marketing Manager with a long history and qualifications in Website Design and Graphic Design – giving you the full package to add value to your business! Our out sourced services include:

full Marketing

Web Design

Graphic Design

Social Media

Email Marketing



how outsourced marketing works


Working with an outsourced marketer should be a positive and productive experience. Always make sure you choose a marketing agency in Cornwall that offers all the services you require and can handle your growth. It is just as important to make sure the team is approachable and always on hand to listen to your needs.

Working with Alice is a simple process. See how we roll at Alice Media…

Take advantage of our free face to face consultation. Sit down with one Alice at a location of your choice to discuss all your outsourced marketing needs and discuss your business goals. We’ll listen, ask questions, and begin to map out some strategy ideas with you.

You have complete control over budget, scope and deadlines at all times, and we welcome a flexible approach. We’ll collaborate with you to create a marketing plan that will help you to reach your goals within the timeframe and budget available.

Once we’re all set up with a strategy, you can sit back and let Alice do the grafting. As your outsourced marketing company in Hayle, Cornwall, we’ll work hard to deliver consistent results, so you don’t have to.

We work transparently, tracking time and delivering results. We report back regularly comparing results against benchmarks and projections. We take time to explain the what and the why, so you always know what’s happening.


adding real marketing value


Whether you need full-service outsourced marketing support to cover all aspects of your marketing, or just a one-time project like launching an event in Alice Media or creating and managing an email campaign, Alice Media works flexibly and can provide as much or as little marketing support as you need.


grow your small business with own personal marketing manager in Cornwall


Although we offer an outsourced marketing solution, we work with you to become an integrated part of your team.

We might not always work together face-to-face, but you can be sure of a personal relationship with the people behind the scenes and at the end of a phone who are getting those results. When you work with us, you’ll get to know Alice on a personal level and Alice will be on hand whenever you need something.

We’re dedicated to delivering an outsourced marketing service in Cornwall that really makes a difference; the success of your business equates to the success of ours, so everything we do is backed by strategy and statistics.

When we first get to know you, we’ll take a look at what you’re doing and analyse the results you’re getting. Benchmarking a few key metrics helps us to show you exactly what we’ve delivered further down the line, and gives you the peace of mind that what we’re doing works.

From sharing budgets and reports to providing training and advice along the way, we’ll always present a clear picture of what’s happening with your marketing.

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