Carlyon Funeral Directors

Carlyon Funeral Directors – Full-Service Marketing

Carlyon Funeral Directors are an independent, family run funeral directors in Truro, run by husband and wife team David and Andrea Myhill.

David & Andrea set up Carlyon Funeral Directors 2 years ago after both working in the industry for years. The majority of the team are family members, making it a family run, independent business. Carlyon offer funeral services and are also Monumental Masons, so you contact them about any aspect of the funeral.

Carlyon Funeral Directors can help you with any kind of funeral you require, from traditional religious ceremonies, of any faith or denomination, to modern celebrations of life, or green funerals. There is a huge range of coffins and caskets to choose from, with options including hardwoods such as oak and pine, to eco-friendly bamboo or cardboard styles.

Carlyon’s funeral home in Truro has a private chapel of rest where you can say goodbye to your loved one in peace, and there is a 24-hour service available for anyone who needs help, no matter the hour. 

Working with Alice Media
Lew’s Dog approached Alice Media back in June 2020 after changing their business name and moving premises, and they needed some guidance and support to generate new leads.

They choose Alice Media due to our results-focussed proposal, providing them with a clear strategy of where they should take their marketing.


We have been looking for some time for a marketing manager, but we were extremely fussy with whom we wanted to come on board with our business venture. Alice was highly recommended to us by Lew’s dog groomers, he couldn’t speak highly enough of Alice. After viewing Lew’s dog groomers website and marketing, we could see for ourselves that Alice’s work was outstanding. We got in touch and so pleased we did. We met with Alice, it was like meeting a friend for coffee.

Alice soon came on board and has already done wonders for a business, and we are ecstatic that Alice managers all of our marketing. It can be hard for owners of small companies like ourselves to effectively manage the company’s marketing efforts while trying to run a business at the same time. Alice now plays a significant role in our business.  She is fundamental in maintaining and building the company’s online reputation and represents our company online to current and potential customers. Alice liaises with ourselves regarding our marketing and is efficient, creative and responsive – everything a business wants from a team member. We like to have involvement but are happy for Alice to manage our marketing, so we can get on with our work. We wanted to protect and promote our brand. Alice is experienced and knowledgeable, and we are so pleased she can on board as our marketing manager to help expand our business venture.

A list of Alice’s job role with in our company –

Alice sets goals and plans out an extensive business marketing strategy.

Alice builds our online reputation.

She monitors, manages and responds to online reviews alongside ourselves.

She creates and publishes relevant, original and high-quality content.

Coordinate with any SEO strategies to help generate more inbound traffic.

Alice designs, creates and manages promotions and social ads.

Creates a weekly editorial calendar to manage our content.

Develop relevant content topics that speak to our company’s target audience.

The list goes on…

If you are looking to expand your online and marketing presence, we cannot speak highly enough of Alice.

Alice has and will continue to work wonders for our business.

We are so grateful that Alice was recommended to us.

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