Why A Premade Logo Isn’t Good Enough For Your Business

Mar 13, 2021Graphic Design, Website Design

If you’ve started your own side hustle and don’t have the fund to get a professional logo designed, you may turn to a free service like Canva to get a pre-made logo. Most of the theses pre-made logos are available at super low prices and even free! However, are these types of logos actually suitable for your business?

Before we come to the point whether you should use a premade logo or not, we first need to realize what a business logo is. A business logo is the identity of your business, and it creates an impression in the mind of your potential visitors. A good business logo should be designed by following your central business concept. The logo should represent your business values, core message, and the services you offer graphically. A properly designed logo should be memorable which can leave an everlasting impression in the mind of people.

What Is Pre Made Logo?

As mentioned earlier, the premade logo is commonly available online. You can use these logos by slightly tweaking the font style, with your business name, etc. Some premade logo platforms also let users change the color to fit your style. The reason behind choosing these types of logos is that these logos are available at little cost, even free of charge. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for these logos, but it might not be the best choice for your business. However, if you are a business with a vision and want to build an identity of your brand, then you should never use a premade logo as this will create a negative impression.

One Logo For More Than One Customer:

The main problem with the pre-made logo is that you cannot make the right selection of your logo. Although it is against ethics, there are many ready-made logo providers online that sell the same logos to a number of companies. This is cheap and can damage your identity forever. This isn’t going to waste your money, but it can leave a negative impression on customers’ minds.

Logos Without Exclusive Rights:

When you hire a professional logo design company, they first listen to your concept and then come up with a unique logo design. The custom logo design that a professional logo design company creates for you comes with exclusive ownership rights that you can never get with a pre-made logo. Pre-made template logos do not have any proprietary rights that could lead to unwanted trademark confusion.

Copy Of Another Design:

In most cases, a pre-made logo is made by copying the design of the already available logo, with or without a slight deviation. This creates a negative impression for a brand, because if a customer sees that you’re using someone else’s logo design, they’re avoiding your business. With pre-made logos, the uniqueness of the design is always lost, and the value of the brand is not shown.

Designed By Unprofessional Designers:

The reason these pre-made logos are available at a low cost is that they are made by unprofessional freelance designers. The pre-made logo is never considered a sign of professionalism. The designers responsible for creating these pre-made logos are lazy, and they don’t do their job honestly. In most cases, they openly copy someone’s style with a little variation, which would never play well.

No Design Customization:

Once you purchase a premade logo, there is no chance of customizing the same; even you don’t like something about the logo. Although some premade logo provider offers limited changes that you can ask for, they would surely ask for extra money for the same. However, this is not true when you are working with the professional logo design company. The professional logo design company offers a couple of versions of the same logo, and even if you are not satisfied with the style, you can ask for variations. The logo designers will always be ready to provide you with a free revision.

Considering the points mentioned above, it is strongly recommended that you avoid using the premade logos for your business. It is recommended that each company should hire a professional logo designer to create a uniquely customized logo that carries the visual identity of the brand.


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